Today iLike: Danse Macabre

"For a period of time, while we believe it to be perfectly still, lifeless flesh responds, stirs and contorts in a final macabre ballet. Are these spasms merely erratic motions or do they echo the chaotic twists and turns of a past life?" (source).

Screenplay and direction: Pedro Pires
Concept: Robert Lepage
Original Idea: AnnneBruce Falconer

I saw this @ Furture Shorts (Noaptea lunga a filmelor scurte).
This short movie was unexpected and overwhelmingly beautiful. Can't find any other words to describe it.

photos from: DanseMacabre.


Today iLike: Skittles and Bloody Beetroots

Last summer when i went to England, i bought every single skittles bag i could find.
The salespersons were looking at me as if i was fckin insane, but, of course, i couldn't care less.
So, today i went to buy random stuff from a supermarket nearby, and guess what.. yes, i found Skittles. I had to share my joy with someone, so i immediately called my bf and then my mom (in which time the shop assistant was pulling her hair off because of me being so slow and ignorant of the cue behind me). After that i bought only 2 boxes (they come in small boxes here, dunno why), the original fruit and the sour ones, to make sure they were the real deal. And they are.
I'm prolly gonna be fed up in one week's time, but right now i'm enjoying my skittles.

And now, a clip from my new found loves, The Bloody Beetroots and Steve Aoki (it's been on heavy rotation for a while now).

This Aoki guy def. has a few loose screws, but he's great nonetheless. Below: Steve Aoki @ Coachella 2009


Today iLike: Spor // Chris Renegade// John B // DubFX - 15 Mai@Fabrica

Prima editie va imbina 3 "concepte" (D&B FEVER + LIFTED SESSION + DUB FX LIVE SHOW) si va avea loc pe 15 Mai 2009, in Club Fabrica, alaturi de :

# SPOR #
Labels : Lifted Music, Planet Mu, Ninja Tune, Subtitles

Labels : Lifted Music

# JOHN B #
Labels : Beta Recordings

# DUB FX #
Indie artist

Supporting line-up :

Labels : Skunk Predatorz

Labels : Koalition Crew

Bilete in avans se pot gasi (incepand cu data de 23 Aprilie) la magazinul Boarder’s (Str. Ion Brezoianu nr. 11) la pretul de 25 RON. Numarul biletelor este LIMITAT.

Orar Boarder’s:

luni 14.00 - 20.00
marti - vineri: 11.00 - 20.00
sambata: 11.00 - 18.00

De asemenea, puteti gasi bilete, la acelasi pret, in Club Fabrica. Intrebati la bar!


Check thread for more!

Meanwhile, check this:


Today iLike: Rebirth: Earth Festival

29.04.2009 - 03.05.2009

Atriohm (Sashe) [Parvati Rec - Macedonia] [click here]
Atma [Yellow Sunshine Explosion - Romania] [click here]
Aodioiboa [Night Oracle Rec - Germany] [click here]
E-Mantra [Suntrip Rec - Romania] [click here]
Shiva3 [Lua Rec / Trancemoon / Euphoria / Misterika Family - Crimea, Ukraine] [click here]
Kya [Germany] [click here]
Psybetyarok [Psybaba, DARK, NABI, Black Magik, Hungary] [click here]
MagmaDivers [Ukraine]
Alienapia [Euphoria / Space Baby Rec / Kagdila Rec / Altar Rec / UP - Ukraine] [click here]
Zero Blade [Triplag Music / Black Magik / Unwashed / D-A-R-K Rec - Bulgaria] [click here]
Gain Reduction [Goanmantra / Triplag / Hypntica / Dead Of Night - Bulgaria] [click here]
ZeroHour [Triplag Music - Bulgaria] [click here]
R-Tur [Mind Tweakers - Romania] [click here]
Primal Source [Moonquest Rec - Romania] [click here]

Djane Gaby [Slovenia] [click here]
Shev & Dina [Macedonia] [click here]
Gino [Sonica fest / Italy] [click here]
Latam [Thrancians - Romania] [click here]
Psydisrupter [Bulgaria]
Roua [Spacesheep - Romania] [click here]
Babaleku [Spacesheep - Romania] [click here]
Alphaspiral [Spacesheep - Romania] [click here]
DiMiTrip [Spacesheep - Romania] [click here]
Ancient Drum [Romania] [click here]
ZiazinTan [Romania] Romania
Mano [Romania] [click here]
NudeDude [Romania]
Unit [Romania]
Ghiauru [Romania]
Terrarin [Romania]

Swa [Russia] [click here]
Zymosis [Sunline Rec / Skygravity Rec / Sentimony Rec - Ukraine] [click here]
Logical Elements [Romania] [click here]
Shambala Networks [Audiosex Rec - Romania]
Aodioiboa [Germany]
Djane Gaby [Slovenia]
Alautun [Scared Evil Rec., Austria]
Latam [Thrancians - Romania] [click here]
Indriya [Romania]
Ghiauru [Romania]
Mano [Romania]
President Tsuc [Romania]
Subhuman [Romania]
Alez [Romania]
NudeDude [Romania]

Spacesheep [click here]
Shankara Lab (Euphoria & Misterika) [click here]

Psytestudo [click here]

Entry fee:
65lei / 17eur until 15 march
80lei / 20eur until 15 april
100lei / 25eur at the door

For location and more info please check this site.


Today iLike: Konkrete Jungle Romania

1st Konkrete Jungle event in Romania!
03.04 @ Fabrica // 20:00 // 25ron

(Chopstick Dubplate)

(Chopstick Dubplate)

(Bukarest DnB Police)
->Jungle Set<-

(Konkrete Jungle Romania)
(Dharma Creative)

Check out event on last.fm and drumandbass.ro


Today iLike: Enduser Tshirt

Nicolas brought us (me and my boyfriend) our Enduser - i eat beats for breakfast tshirts. We both wore them at the Bong-Ra show (with his permission of course :P) and we kinda looked like a bunch of groupies... at least i know i am one. You can find them on the AdNoiseam site.

I would have loved a hoodie as well, but they were out of stock or smtg like that. Anywayz, i'm more than happy with my tshirt and i can't wait for lynn to come back. Maybe i'll flash my boobs.. or something. :D


BassWise! Crew presents : Bong-Ra!

30 Jan 2009 // 22:00 // Club Fabrica (Str.11 Iunie, nr.50) // 25 RON//

experimental, raggajungle, raggacore, hard drum&bass

22:00 - 23:00 AKM & VJ Thora Noir (SPECIAL APPEARANCE)
23:00 - 23:45 Moloh
23:45 - 01:45 Lady Lite & MC Mary Jane
01:45 - 03:30 Bong-Ra (sau myspace)
03:30 - 04:30 Nicolas Chevreux
04:30 - 06:00 Special back2back session

Moloh's gonna use 2 Nintendo Gameboys as controllers for his 8 bit-ragga-breakcore show.
As for Nicolas (founder of AdNoiseam), we heard him before @ Enduser.
Can't miss this!
More on BassWise-Crew site!